Analog video surveillance cameras vs ip megapixel

Analog video surveillance cameras

The most widespread surveillance cameras at this time are analog video surveillance cameras that have evolved to the maximum possible by ccd technology.

The best video surveillance cameras are the 700 tvl with sony effio p processor with a number of common features of which we mention:

Wide dynamic range wdr or adaptive tone reproduction atr – good image quality even if there are very bright areas and shaded areas in the same visual field,

Sensual or slow shutter or star light – very good night vision even without infrared illuminator,

Infrared optimizer – infrared illuminator with automatic power adjustment depending on the distance from the object

3dnr – dynamic noise reduction – through digital processing the noise from the image disappears at night (2d = image, the third d is given by the time coordinate)

Infrared filter – Very good color reproduction

OSD – on screen display

Varifocal lens – possibility of manually adjusting the viewing angle and by default the zoom of the video surveillance camera.

The main advantages of analog video surveillance cameras to the megapixel HD cameras and to the ip megapixel video surveillance cameras are:

cheap price

Possibility of long-distance cabling through relatively low cost passive balancing videos up to 600 meters distances and active up to 2400 m

Very good sensitivity at night.

At the disadvantage we point the lower resolution. Even though video recorders with 960H resolution are now higher than the D1 resolution, they are still below the megapixel video surveillance systems.Analog System


Cameras megapixel video surveillance hd sdi
These video surveillance cameras are similar to the analog video surveillance cameras with the only difference that they have the full 2-megapixel or 1080p full HD resolution. They are mooted on coaxial cable structures, being designed to replace old d1 video surveillance systems, already wired, with megapixel video surveillance systems.

With analog video surveillance cameras, the hd sdi megapixel video surveillance cameras have a higher price, justified by the difference in resolution.

The hd sdi video surveillance cameras can only be wired on a coaxial cable and at a distance of no more than 100 m from the digital DVR video recorder.Cameras megapixel video surveillance hd sdi

Resolution analog camera 704 x 576 pixel (D1) or 960 x 576 pixels (960H) versus

Camera resolution video surveillance hd sdi 2 megapixels ie 1080p ie 1920 x 1080 pixels versus

Megapixel camera resolution of up to 5 megapixels, ie 2592 x 1944 pixels

Video surveillance camera resolutions

Video surveillance camera resolution

Ip megapixel video surveillance cameras – ip cctv installation in London by LogicalGate

Although still in the beginning, these ip megapixel video surveillance cameras will gradually become the most used video surveillance cameras.

The advantages of these ip megapixel video surveillance systems over other video surveillance cameras are obvious:

Video resolution up to 5 megapixels

Possibility of local registration

Power over ethernet – need special switches or poe injectors

These ip megapixel video surveillance cameras use the computer network structure – so all the equipment can be wired through secure, centralized cabling.

IP megapixel video surveillance cameras can be located anywhere in the world, recording can be centralized – an internet connection with bandwidth similar to the surveillance camera resolution is needed.

IP megapixel video surveillance cameras can be integrated into wireless network structures identical to those of computers.

The disadvantages include:

Price still high.

Lower sensitivity at night than analog video surveillance cameras.

Although the onvif or onvif 2 standards begin to be imposed – there is still a possibility of incompatibility between a manufacturer’s video recorder and IP megapixel video surveillance cameras produced by another manufacturer – so we advise you to choose nvr video surveillance cameras Produced by the same manufacturer.IP Megapixel Video Surveillance Systems - Cabling Architecture

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